There are different possibilities to learn about my way of working and me. Workshops always last several days, are either stationary (mostly in Schloss Weinberg) or we are visiting different places/regions in Austria. Lectures and seminars last only a few hours and are offered as part of events (e.g. the Photoadventure) or for selected associations (e.g. Mikroskopische Gesellschaft Wien). The spectrum ranges from "pure" lectures to practical work. In irregular intervals I present my work at exhibitions.
Date Title Venue Category
09.07.23 - 14.07.23 Mohndorf geschlossene Gruppe
28.07.23, 17:00 h - 30.07.23, 14:00 h Prager Fotoschule Österreich Workshop
04.08.23, 15:00 h - 07.08.23, 14:00 h Schloss Weinberg Workshop
13.08.23, 16:00 h - 18.08.23, 14:00 h Prager Fotoschule Österreich Workshop
13.10.23, 15:00 h - 16.10.23, 14:00 h - Workshop